Available Materials:

Rock Limestone Recycled Concrete Recycled Asphalt

Name Size Recommended Uses Description
Fill fines to 2" Building pad, backfill, etc. Compactable, generally sandy
Clay Septic mounds, ground sealing
Pit mix sand to 2" stone Drainable fill Clean bank run
Sand Screenings Fines to 1/2" Building pad, Concrete foundation Easy to screed, compactable
Mason Sand Animal bedding,beach,sand box
#23 washed sand Indiana St. #23 CAPP for #23 sand, #4 b-borrow, and snow/ice abrasive
Pea gravel 1/4" to 1/2" Drainage, foundation backfill
#8 gravel 1/2" to 1" Drainage, pipe bedding Also called river rock, alternate use landscaping
5c gravel 1" to 2" Septic systems Spec. for septic systems, also called river rock, alternate use landscaping
O-stone 2" to 4" Erosion control, driveway base Unwashed, some fines mixed in
Landscape Stone/Boulders 8" and up Landscaping
Topsoil #1 Yard install/repair, garden Lighter grade, easy to work with, not screened
Topsoil #2 Yard install etc. Heavier grade, has clods, needs machine work
#53 recycled concrete fines to 1 1/2" Construction drive topper Very compactable in dry conditions, economy driveway topper, grayish color
#2 recycled concrete 2" to 3" Driveway base Will have some metal, recommend topping
#53 recycled asphalt fines to 1 1/2" Driveway topper Very compactable(needs sun/warmth), good dust control, charcoal color
#2 limestone 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" driveway base
#4 limestone 1 1/4" driveway base/topper White color
#9 limestone 1/2" to 3/4" Driveway topper White color
#9F limestone 1/4" to 3/4" Driveway topper White color, #9's blended with chips for tighter compact
#53 limestone fines to 1 1/2" Driveway topper/base

White color, recommended for heavier traffic, hard compact

#73 limestone fines to 1" Driveway topper White color, hard compact
Rip-Rap limestone 6" to 8" Erosion control
Chips limestone 1/4" Patio base, walkways,etc. White color, compactable

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